Re: Memory leak in notmuch_database_destroy()

Subject: Re: Memory leak in notmuch_database_destroy()

Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2022 10:58:42 -0400



From: David Bremner

Austin Ray <> writes:

> Hi,
> libnotmuch 5.5.0 (notmuch 0.34.2) leaks memory when opening a database
> with 'notmuch_database_open_with_config()' and cleaning it up with
> 'notmuch_database_destroy()'. I've included a reproducer program (based
> on an existing notmuch test) and ASAN output below.
> Replacing 'notmuch_database_destroy()' with 'notmuch_database_close()'
> or omitting the database clean-up entirely resolves all but the first
> ASAN entry. There's no leak if 'notmuch_database_open_with_config()'
> returns an error.
> Thanks!
> Austin

In id:20220122205416.nbxqdcapjab62iln@athena Austin confirmed these leaks
were fixed as of 2786aa4d548d28579c761e9358d44c84dfb29068
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