Re: [PATCH] python: open messages in binary mode

Subject: Re: [PATCH] python: open messages in binary mode

Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2017 12:18:09 +0200

To: Gaute Hope


From: Florian Klink

>>that function is only since python 3.2. I'm not sure if/when we'll drop
>>python 2.7 support, but not without deprecating it for a few releases.

>Is there anyone still exclusively on Python 2.7? Perhaps the time is 
>ripe for starting that process? Encoding compatability is an unholy 
>mess to maintain for one Python distro.

If Python 2 doesn't have email.message_from_binary_file(), it might be the bug
occuring to be can't really be fixed in Python 2 anyways. Maybe it's possible to
open the file in binary mode on Python 2, and pass this to
email.message_from_file() though, I will tinker around a bit this evening, and
let you know. 

>Is any of alot, afew, etc still on Python 2 only?

afew works on both Python 2 and 3
alot seems to currently be Python 2 only (at least the Travis runs are), but it
looks like they are thinking about moving to Python 3 and dropping Python 2:

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