Re: [bug] [wish] notmuch should search on date received

Subject:Re: [bug] [wish] notmuch should search on date received

Date:Mon, 04 May 2015 10:25:38 +0200

To:Gregor Zattler ,notmuch


From:David Bremner

Gregor Zattler <> writes:

> Dear notmuch developers,
> I wished notmuch could search on (the top most) Received: -header
> since not all emails have correct Date: -headers.
> Rationale: Show all emails since yesterday…  This is immensely
> important for my work flow.

These are two somewhat different requests. Being able to search on the
Received headers would involve a usual kind of term search, but not date
searching.  This might be problematic as a default because of the volume
of received headers.  In order to use it for date search, it would need
to be parsed for data information and either override the Date:-header
or provide a second prefix like received-date.  Or maybe a single
message could have multiple date: prefixed terms, I'm not sure.