Re: miraculous from: field

Subject:Re: miraculous from: field

Date:Wed, 20 Jun 2012 15:35:53 -0400

To:David Belohrad

From:Austin Clements

Quoth David Belohrad on Jun 20 at  1:25 pm:
> Dear All,
> could someone give a hint?
> I have an opened mail message. When I press 'r' to reply, a new mail
> buffer is opened and the 'From' field is correctly filled with
> ''.
> When on the same message I press however 'f' to forward the message, new
> buffer opens, but this time the 'From' field contains incorrectly
> '', which is clearly a composite of my login
> name and FQHN.
> Why that difference and what can I do to mitigate this?

Try setting Emacs's user-mail-address variable, e.g., using 
  M-x customize-variable<RET>user-mail-address<RET>
You won't get the full from address guessing logic used for replies,
but it's not obvious this is appropriate for forwarding.

We should probably use the user's primary address from the notmuch
configuration for this for the sake of consistency, even though
user-mail-address is the more Emacsy thing to use.

> thanks
> david