notmuch-emacs: Add option to set -exclude=false in notmuch search/tree

Subject:notmuch-emacs: Add option to set -exclude=false in notmuch search/tree

Date:Mon, 25 Oct 2021 12:14:59 +0100


From:Mohsin Kaleem

At the moment we always use the default value of exclude in calls to
notmuch search and notmuch tree. If any of the searched mail is tagged
with somethinh that is excluded it isn't shown and if we'd like to check
whether this is the case we have to do an exhaustive search over all of
our hidden tags to check whether the mail got ommited because it was
tagged as such.

I suggest we add a new option `notmuch-search-exclude`, which is used to
set the default value of the exclude flag in both notmuch-search and
notmuch-tree mode, and also to add a new command `notmuch-toggle-exclude`
which toggles the value of `notmuch-search-exclude` for the current

Mohsin Kaleem
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