Re: Bug?: notmuch-search-show-thread shows several threads; only one containing matching messages

Subject:Re: Bug?: notmuch-search-show-thread shows several threads; only one containing matching messages

Date:Sun, 26 Jan 2014 22:26:04 +0100



From:Gregor Zattler

Hi David,
* David Bremner <> [24. Jan. 2014]:
> Mark Walters <> writes:
>> I have looked at this and I think this is not notmuch's fault: I think
>> it is a mua doing strange things:
>> One of the mails has an in-reply-to header which looks like
>> In-reply-to: Message from Carsten Dominik <> of        "Tue, 15 Mar 2011 12:18:51 BST."        <>
>> and I think notmuch is taking the as message
>> id.
> Can someone test if this is fixed by cf8aaafbad68 (i.e. does the problem
> persist in git master or 0.17)?

The problem is *not* fixed.  

I was the one who reported this problem two years ago.  I did the
same notmuch search again.  Since I did no know if it's important
with which version the emails were indexed I did a full index
with notmuch 0.17+40~gecbb29e.

I still have the mbox produced with notmuch show two years ago.
Viewed with mutt (1) I see 206 messages in 7 threads (number of
lines after collapse-all) (notmuch emacs show showed three
threads then).  One of the threads is the one I searched for.

Today I produced another mbox with the very same command but with
a now larger email corpus freshly indexed with a fresh notmuch.
The mbox contains (according to mutt) 507 messages in 34 threads.
One of them is the thread I searched for.

I grepped for the 7 subjects within the 34 subjects and only 5
showed up.

Only 17 of the 507 messages arrived since the problem report two
years ago.

If somebody want's to dig into this: I can provide the two

Disclaimer: Many of the emails which arrived before the problem
report are not the exact same than then, because since the I
mangled them with a script.  This should have not changed the
threading but I cannot be 100% sure.  But if it's important for
further investigation I'm probably able to reproduce the status
quo of the email corpus then from my backups.

Thanks for your persistence. 

Ciao, Gregor
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