Re: [BUG] notmuch excludes .notmuch anywhere in the tree

Subject: Re: [BUG] notmuch excludes .notmuch anywhere in the tree

Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2022 09:39:33 -0400

To: Rob Browning,


From: David Bremner

Rob Browning <> writes:

> This might or might not be considered a bug, or at least it might just
> be wishlist severity, but in my case, I have
>   path=/home/rlb/notmuch
> and notmuch contained:
>   /home/rlb/notmuch/.notmuch
>   /home/rlb/notmuch/Maildir -> /home/Maildir
> I arranged things like that so I could easily drop other mail-ish trees
> into notmuch/ if I liked, and also so that I wouldn't have to worry
> about the fact that maildir++ is going to name the directory for the
> notmuch list's folder ".notmuch".  However, I outsmarted myself because
> notmuch ignored both "[path]/.notmuch", and "[path]/Maildir/.notmuch".

This should be fixed as of 6472dbf4b7fdec3bd59d7622ef477a035e34c67a

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