wish: notmuch-emacs: handle RFC822 attachments as email (allow for replying)

Subject:wish: notmuch-emacs: handle RFC822 attachments as email (allow for replying)

Date:Wed, 13 Nov 2019 09:42:26 +0100



From:Gregor Zattler

Dear notmuch developers,

notmuch-emacs shows rfc822 attachments as emails which is nice,
but with point in such attachment it is not possible to act on it
as an email as for instance reply to it.

It would be nice if replying and forwarding such
email-as-attachment would be possible.

As a mailing list owner I get emails from mailman if mails are
for some reason to be approved before distribution.  They contain
two rfc822 Attachments: The original email which is to be
approved and a second email to which I am could reply in order to
delete or approve said message.  This is an incredibly useful
interface to mailman since it does not involve a context switch.
You read the mailinglist and act on emails, that's it.  Sadly
with notmoch-show this is not possible (as for instance is with

Thanks for your attention, Gregor
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