Re: [PATCH] crypto: gracefully handle gmime errors

Subject: Re: [PATCH] crypto: gracefully handle gmime errors

Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2017 23:59:05 +0000

To: David Bremner,


From: Jan Malakhovski

David Bremner <> writes:

> Jan Malakhovski <> writes:
>> The test suite has such a message already. "signature verification
>> (notmuch CLI)" test fails with a SIGSEGV when built with gmime-2.6.23.
>> T355-smime: Testing S/MIME signature verification and decryption
>> gpgsm: keybox '/tmp/nix-build-notmuch-0.25.drv-0/notmuch-test-8789.qe2sRf/gnupg/pubring.kbx' created
>>  PASS   emacs delivery of S/MIME signed message
>>  PASS   emacs delivery of S/MIME encrypted + signed message
>>  PASS   Signature verification (openssl)
>>  FAIL   signature verification (notmuch CLI)
> Actually now that I try, I can't duplicate this failure on Debian (also
> with gmime-2.6.23). Matt, can you confirm or deny that the failures you
> were having were with SMIME signed messages?

Versions of all dependencies as per diff of `nix-store -q --requisites`
between two builds, if it helps:

--- /proc/self/fd/11	2017-08-31 23:53:53.387411873 +0000
+++ /proc/self/fd/12	2017-08-31 23:53:53.405412185 +0000
@@ -1,10 +1,9 @@

I wonder why gnupg stops getting referenced with gmime-3.0.1. My guess
is that `./configure` does something very different when compiling with

Also, I think another message of mine got stuck in premoderation because
it had a biggish attachment with a build log.

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