Re: Overriding mm-inline-override-types in notmuch-show

Subject: Re: Overriding mm-inline-override-types in notmuch-show

Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2022 07:53:31 -0300

To: Al Haji-Ali,


From: David Bremner

David Bremner <> writes:

> Al Haji-Ali <> writes:
>> The variable `mm-inline-override-types` is overridden in `notmuch-show` to "stop application/* parts from being displayed".
>> This works well, however it means in other places the part *is* expanded. For example when `(notmuch-show-refresh-view)` is called (after any refresh) or even when `notmuch-show-reply-sender` is called.
>> To see this behaviour make sure that `mm-inline-override-types` is nil and open a message with an `application/zip` part. The part is not expanded as expected.
>> Call `(notmuch-show-refresh-view)` and notice how the part is expanded (on my Emacs, I even get a warning: "These default coding systems were tried to encode the following problematic characters in the buffer ‘ *temp*-926949’").
>> I solved this in my config by setting `mm-inline-override-types` to `(list "application/*")`, but I think notmuch could be more consistent.
> Thanks for the report. I can duplicate the issue with
> notmuch-show-refresh-view. I believe with notmuch-show-reply-sender is
> fixed in git master (90a7c1af368a527700dcde9b0dcbd760afc7bd92).

The remaining issues should be fixed as of commit
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