Re: Emacs: UI problems with messages excluded by several tags

Subject:Re: Emacs: UI problems with messages excluded by several tags

Date:Fri, 19 Jul 2019 15:43:15 +0300

To:David Bremner ,


From:Teemu Likonen

David Bremner [2019-07-19T09:19:13-03] wrote:

> I'm not sure I follow you. It seems like this should be the behaviour
> also if the message is tagged with one exclude tag; i.e. it sounds
> like it is working as I expect. Can you explain how 2 exclude tags
> makes a difference for you?

I think "All tags" section should show every tags and the count
regardless of exclude settings. It does that now if there is only one
excluding tag for a message. Messages are hidden if there are more
excluding tags.

Let's test:

    $ notmuch config set search.exclude_tags exclude-1 exclude-2
Now add "exclude-1" tag for some message and it will show in "All tags"
section with count 1.

    All tags: [hide]

           1 exclude-1

Now add also "exclude-2" tag for the same massage and see the "All tags"
section again.

    All tags: [hide]

           [neither exclude-1 nor exclude-2 here]

I think the section should show both tags and when a tag clicked it
should show all messages with that tag.

    All tags: [hide]

           1 exclude-1              1 exclude-2

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