broken bash completion

Subject:broken bash completion

Date:Tue, 2 Jun 2020 12:37:07 +0200


From:Uwe Kleine-König


(already reported in #notmuch, bremner asked to forward to this list)

Using bash (Debian, 5.0-4) and notmuch (also Debian, 0.29.3-1+b2) I
noticed a breakage in notmuch's bash completion:

	$ notmuch --config=/hobash: [: too many arguments
	bash: declare: cannot use `-f' to make functions

(I pressed <tab> after "notmuch --config=/ho".)

I didn't look into that but would expect this info is enough for someone
to fix this. If not, please tell me; either in #notmuch or by mail.
(Note, I'm not subscribed to the list.)

Best regards
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