[PATCH] test/emacs: known broken test for matching fcc and sent message

Subject: [PATCH] test/emacs: known broken test for matching fcc and sent message

Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2022 22:44:44 -0400

To: David Bremner, Daniel Kahn Gillmor, Notmuch Mail


From: David Bremner

Based on the method outlined by Daniel Kahn Gilmour in
id:87k1zm225v.fsf@fifthhorseman.net.  With a delay of 0.2 seconds the
test becomes flaky on my machine. With a 1 second delay it fails
consistently for more than 1600 iterations.
 test/T350-crypto.sh | 12 +++++++++++-
 1 file changed, 11 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/test/T350-crypto.sh b/test/T350-crypto.sh
index 8dbf8935..1283c52c 100755
--- a/test/T350-crypto.sh
+++ b/test/T350-crypto.sh
@@ -13,13 +13,23 @@ test_description='PGP/MIME signature verification and decryption'
-test_begin_subtest "emacs delivery of signed message"
+test_begin_subtest "emacs delivery of signed message via fcc"
 test_expect_success \
 'emacs_fcc_message \
     "test signed message 001" \
     "This is a test signed message." \
+test_begin_subtest "emacs delivery of signed message via fcc and smtp"
+emacs_deliver_message \
+    'signed message sent via SMTP' \
+    'This is a test that messages are sent via SMTP' \
+    "(add-hook 'message-send-mail-hook (lambda () (sleep-for 1)))
+     (mml-secure-message-sign)"
+msg_file=$(notmuch search --output=files subject:signed-message-sent-via-SMTP)
+test_expect_equal_file sent_message "$msg_file"
 test_begin_subtest "signed part content-type indexing"
 output=$(notmuch search mimetype:multipart/signed and mimetype:application/pgp-signature | notmuch_search_sanitize)
 test_expect_equal "$output" "thread:XXX   2000-01-01 [1/1] Notmuch Test Suite; test signed message 001 (inbox signed)"

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