wish: notmuch-emacs: provide completion in notmuch-search for path: as for tag:

Gregor Zattler

2018 Feb 07 17:19

Notmuch Emacs: tab completion for tags in Fcc:

Alex Abdo| Tomas Nordin, Daniel Kahn Gillmor, Gregor Zattler, David Bremner

2017 Dec 20 04:10

[PATCH v4 2/4] nmbug-status: Add inter-message padding

W. Trevor King| David Bremner

2014 Feb 14 16:48

[PATCH v3 6/8] nmbug-status: Add inter-message padding

W. Trevor King| Tomi Ollila, David Bremner

2014 Feb 13 16:47

[PATCH v2 20/20] nmbug-status: Add inter-message padding

W. Trevor King| Tomi Ollila, David Bremner

2014 Feb 10 18:40

[PATCH 17/17] nmbug-status: Color threads in HTML output

W. Trevor King| Tomi Ollila, David Bremner

2014 Feb 03 10:59

[PATCH 1/2] notmuch-show: Add content-description output pair

W. Trevor King| David Bremner, Mark Walters, Tomi Ollila

2014 Feb 03 10:45

[PATCH v6 3/3] emacs: add `notmuch-show-stash-mlarchive-link{, -and-go}'

David Edmondson, Pieter Praet| Tomi Ollila, Dmitry Kurochkin, David Bremner

2012 Jan 24 through 2012 Feb 19

[PATCH 3/6] cli: add '--debug' option to 'notmuch new'

tomi.ollila@iki.fi, Pieter Praet| David Bremner, Tom Prince, Tomi Ollila, David Edmondson, Jani Nikula, Ethan Glasser-Camp, Austin Clements, Fabio Zanini

2011 Sep 13 through 2012 Feb 19

[PATCH v10 2/2] emacs: Tests for user-defined sections

Daniel Schoepe, Michal Sojka, Dmitry Kurochkin| David Bremner, David Edmondson, Mark Walters, Pieter Praet

2011 Jul 07 through 2012 Feb 17

[PATCH v2] emacs: Add more processing of displayed headers.

David Edmondson| Jameson Graef Rollins, Tomi Ollila, Mark Walters, David Bremner, Ethan Glasser-Camp

2012 Feb 06 15:39

[PATCH v4 3/3] emacs: colorize buttonized 'id:' links depending on the target message's state

Pieter Praet| Jameson Graef Rollins, David Edmondson, Xavier Maillard, David Bremner, Aaron Ecay, Mark Anderson, Mark Walters, Tomi Ollila

2012 Jan 12 through 2012 Jan 22

[PATCH] emacs: breakout notmuch-show-advance functionality from notmuch-show-advance-and-archive

Jameson Graef Rollins| Pieter Praet, David Bremner

2011 Nov 13 21:16

[PATCH] contrib/nmbug: new script for sharing tags with prefix notmuch::

David Bremner| Ali Polatel, Jameson Graef Rollins, Austin Clements, Jani Nikula, Tomi Ollila

2011 Oct 23 through 2011 Oct 29

[PATCH 3/3] Add notmuch-hello-mode-hook

Ivy Foster| Thomas Jost, Daniel Schoepe, Pieter Praet

2011 Oct 29 16:35

[PATCH v3] emacs: Turn id:"<message-id>" elements into buttons for notmuch searches

Daniel Schoepe| Pieter Praet, Dmitry Kurochkin, Thomas Schwinge, David Bremner

2011 Jul 05 through 2011 Oct 28

[PATCH] emacs: logically group def{custom,face}s

Daniel Schoepe| Pieter Praet, Jameson Graef Rollins, David Bremner, David Edmondson, Austin Clements

2011 Oct 10 13:49

RFC/PATCH emacs attachment handling

Mark Walters| Tomi Ollila, Xavier Maillard, Matthieu Lemerre

2011 Sep 07 01:20

[PATCH] emacs: Tab completion for notmuch-search and notmuch-search-filter

Daniel Schoepe, Jameson Graef Rollins| Austin Clements, David Bremner

2011 Jun 04 through 2011 Aug 09