[PATCH 9/9] build: Fix declare-function calls for updated functions

Mohsin Kaleem| David Bremner, Tomi Ollila

2022 Aug 07 14:57

[PATCH 7/7] doc/emacs: use define-key instead of hard-coding markup

David Bremner| Tomi Ollila

2022 Jul 31 11:33

[PATCH 6/6] lib/open: create database path in some cases

David Bremner

2022 Jul 29 12:19

[PATCH 01/16] nmbug: promote to user tool "notmuch-git"

David Bremner| Sean Whitton

2022 Apr 23 13:38

[PATCH] test: allow to use --full-sync

Michael J Gruber| David Bremner, Tomi Ollila

2022 Feb 16 09:52

[PATCH] emacs: add global tag history

inwit| David Bremner, Carl Worth, Jose Antonio Ortega Ruiz

2022 Jan 26 15:32

[PATCH] doc: document new option `show.extra_headers`

David Bremner

2022 Jan 18 13:26

[PATCH] contrib/notmuch-web: single user web front end using python-cffi

David Bremner

2022 Jan 16 19:31

[PATCH] test: add known broken test for thread fusion bug

David Bremner

2021 Dec 26 16:17

[PATCH 27/27] lib/parse-sexp: handle saved queries

David Bremner

2021 Jul 30 12:55

[PATCH 1/1] python/notmuch2: provide binding for database_get_directory()

Ludovic LANGE| Floris Bruynooghe, Tomi Ollila

2021 Jul 25 08:16

[PATCH 2/2] CLI/config: restore "notmuch config get built_with.*"

David Bremner

2021 Jul 18 17:58

macOS globals.py issue

Dominyk Tiller| David Bremner

2021 Apr 25 17:28

[PATCH 13/13] vim: README: sync with upstream

Felipe Contreras| David Bremner

2021 Apr 18 22:48

[PATCH resend] contrib/go: update the go binding

Leandro Dorileo| David Bremner

2021 Feb 19 00:05

[PATCH] configure: fix python-cffi out-of-tree build

Tomi Ollila

2021 Feb 15 21:54

[PATCH 3/3] python/notmuch2: provide binding for collect_tags()

Michael J Gruber| David Bremner, Floris Bruynooghe

2021 Jan 06 09:08

[PATCH] emacs/notmuch-show: Work around errors where a part lacks a content-type

Daniel Kahn Gillmor| Jonas Bernoulli, Tomi Ollila

2021 Jan 03 18:31

[PATCH 2/2] Emacs: Call notmuch-balance-bidi-ctrl-chars in notmuch-sanitize

Teemu Likonen| Tomi Ollila

2020 Aug 15 09:30

[PATCH] doc: set up for autoapi / readthedocs compatibility

David Bremner| Tomi Ollila, Floris Bruynooghe

2020 Jul 12 12:02

[PATCH] Makefile.global: drop -std=gnu99. C11 (or later) compiler required

Tomi Ollila| David Bremner

2020 Jun 24 20:11

[PATCH 2/2] test: mark two tests broken on machines with 32 bit time_t

David Bremner| Tomi Ollila

2020 Jun 24 11:04

[PATCH] devel: script to calculate a list of authors.

David Bremner| Tomi Ollila

2020 Jun 05 10:07

[PATCH] emacs: add notmuch-expr, sexp-style queries

Tom Fitzhenry| Daniel Kahn Gillmor, David Edmondson, Jonas Bernoulli, David Bremner

2020 May 13 10:00

[PATCH v2 9/9] smime: Index cleartext of envelopedData when requested

Daniel Kahn Gillmor| David Bremner

2020 May 12 22:29

[PATCH 2/2] python/notmuch2: add bindings for the database config strings

Anton Khirnov| David Bremner, Floris Bruynooghe, Tomi Ollila

2020 May 09 05:05

[PATCH] notmuch(1): clarify documentation about --option/value separators

Daniel Kahn Gillmor| Ciprian Dorin Craciun, David Bremner, Tomi Ollila, Jameson Graef Rollins, Carl Worth

2020 May 07 19:26

[PATCH v3 2/3] emacs: Add simple make target to compile emacs lisp tests

Jonas Bernoulli| David Bremner, David Edmondson, William Casarin, Tomi Ollila

2020 Apr 25 20:18

[PATCH 2/2] sprinter: change integer method to use int64_t

Peter Wang| David Bremner, Daniel Kahn Gillmor

2020 Feb 08 01:49

[PATCH 1/2] doc: pass specified configure options as tags to Sphinx

Jani Nikula| Tomi Ollila, Daniel Kahn Gillmor

2020 Jan 11 12:09

[PATCH] emacs: bind C-u Z to notmuch-tree-from-search-thread

William Casarin| David Edmondson, Teemu Likonen

2019 Nov 13 08:00

[PATCH] Add --message-headers flag to notmuch-show

Johan Parin| Daniel Kahn Gillmor, Antoine Beaupré, Tomi Ollila, David Edmondson

2019 Nov 10 12:49

[WIP2 5/5] lib: special case parenthesized subqueries in regex fields

David Bremner

2019 Sep 01 01:37

[PATCH v1 2/2] emacs: Bind "u" to jump to the parent message in a thread

David Edmondson| Gregor Zattler, David Bremner, Daniel Kahn Gillmor, Tomi Ollila

2019 Aug 29 17:24

[PATCH] build: drop variable HAVE_EMACS. use WITH_EMACS instead

David Bremner| Tomi Ollila

2019 Jun 12 00:12

[PATCH 2/2] tests: fail and report when a parallel build fails (or times out)

Daniel Kahn Gillmor| Tomi Ollila, David Bremner

2019 May 20 17:20

[PATCH] cli: add --output=filesandtags to notmuch search

Vincent Breitmoser| Tomi Ollila

2018 Sep 03 20:02

[PATCH 01/12] test: link test_C snippets to libnotmuch_util.a

David Bremner

2018 Jun 23 01:42

[PATCH] doc: document notmuch show --decrypt=stash

Daniel Kahn Gillmor| David Bremner

2018 Jun 12 21:36

[PATCH] devel: add new tool to draw thread structure

David Bremner| Naveen N. Rao, Daniel Kahn Gillmor

2018 Apr 10 01:45

[PATCH 2/2] test: pytest runner for the test suite

David Bremner| Floris Bruynooghe, Tomi Ollila

2018 Apr 07 21:39

[PATCH] notmuch-mutt: use --format=text0 and xargs -0

Jani Nikula| Tomi Ollila

2018 Feb 27 19:57

[PATCH v3] crypto: signature verification reports valid User IDs

Daniel Kahn Gillmor| David Bremner

2017 Dec 08 20:09

[RFC PATCH] cli: default entire-thread to false for all output formats

Jani Nikula

2017 Sep 19 20:50

[RFC PATCH] test: merge performance-test subdirectory to tests

Jani Nikula

2017 Sep 10 09:10

[PATCH 5/5] test/duplicate-mid: check for subject with notmuch-show

David Bremner| Mark Walters

2017 Aug 27 23:58

[PATCH 8/8] Add AppVeyor CI configuration and test script

Vladimir Panteleev| David Bremner

2017 Aug 22 22:43

[RFC PATCH 4/4] lib: add reStructuredText bling for API documentation in notmuch.h

Jani Nikula

2017 Aug 20 19:30

[PATCH 7/7] .travis.yml: Test against several Emacs versions

Vladimir Panteleev| David Bremner, Tomi Ollila

2017 Aug 17 17:51

[PATCH] NEWS: Initial writeup for my contributions to 0.25

David Bremner

2017 Jul 17 01:44

[PATCH] test: swap order of arguments of test_expect_equal

David Bremner| Tomi Ollila

2017 Apr 06 01:12

[REBASED RFC PATCH] cli/show: include content type parameters in formatted output

Jani Nikula

2017 Mar 05 11:17

[PATCH] lib: fix g_hash_table related read-after-free bug

David Bremner| Tomi Ollila

2017 Feb 22 10:32

[PATCH 0/9] cli/show: refactoring and cleanup

Jani Nikula| David Bremner

2017 Jan 06 20:14

[PATCH 2/2] test: use vt100 as "smart" terminal for known dumb/unknown terminals

Tomi Ollila| David Bremner

2016 Oct 20 08:19

[PATCH v1 3/3] emacs: Improve the acquisition of text parts.

David Edmondson| Mark Walters, David Bremner

2016 Mar 08 17:12

[PATCH] emacs: jump: show key shortcut

Jani Nikula, Mark Walters| Andrew Burgess, David Edmondson

2015 Dec 13 through 2015 Dec 20

[PATCH] fix notmuch python binding argument for filenames_destroy

Daniel Kahn Gillmor

2015 Dec 12 19:22

[PATCH] NEWS: Database version 3, API improvements, and ghost messages

Austin Clements| David Bremner

2014 Nov 10 13:13

[PATCH 3/5] notmuch-new: Manual: Add command line tags.

David Edmondson| Mark Walters, Austin Clements, David Bremner

2014 May 02 12:14

[PATCH 1/3] database: Add notmuch_database_compact_close

Ben Gamari| David Bremner, Tomi Ollila, Jameson Graef Rollins

2013 Oct 02 20:30

[PATCH] emacs: replace setq + let with let*

david@tethera.net| Tomi Ollila, Mark Walters, David Bremner

2013 Jun 02 15:02

handle CPPFLAGS in configure and make

Tomi Ollila| david@tethera.net, David Bremner

2013 May 26 20:07

[PATCH] test: another test wrt ignoring user-specified files and directories

Ethan Glasser-Camp| tomi.ollila@iki.fi, David Bremner, Tom Prince, Tomi Ollila, Pieter Praet, David Edmondson, Jani Nikula, Austin Clements, Fabio Zanini

2012 Oct 12 19:32

[PATCH v2 5/8] notmuch-new: pull out useful bits of add_files_recursive

Mark Walters| Ethan Glasser-Camp, Ethan, David Bremner, Jameson Graef Rollins, Robert Horn, Jani Nikula

2012 Jul 01 19:55

[PATCH] Give a path name to mktemp in Makefile.local

Aaron Ecay| Tomi Ollila, Jameson Graef Rollins, David Bremner

2011 Dec 17 15:36