Re: [PATCH] emacs: replace setq + let with let*

Subject:Re: [PATCH] emacs: replace setq + let with let*

Date:Sun, 02 Jun 2013 21:01:23 -0300

To:Mark Walters ,


From:David Bremner

Mark Walters <> writes:

>> -    (setq search (notmuch-hello-trim search))
>> -    (let ((history-delete-duplicates t))
>> +    (let* ((search (notmuch-hello-trim search))
>> +	   (history-delete-duplicates t))
>>        (add-to-history 'notmuch-search-history search)))
>>    (notmuch-search search notmuch-search-oldest-first nil nil
> These look good to me except I don't see why the above is a let* not a
> let?

I ended up dropping this hunk because I realized it introduced a bug;
the side-effect of the setq is needed outside the unless.

pushed the two patches (as amended) in this thread.