Re: Test suite timing issues?

Subject: Re: Test suite timing issues?

Date: Sat, 12 Feb 2022 10:30:58 -0400

To: Michael J Gruber


From: David Bremner

Michael J Gruber <> writes:
>> It's hard to see what can go wrong (maybe perl doesn't work?), but
>> failing to generate a message should be a fatal error. Maybe try
>> something like

I was unclear. I meant "should" as in "in a perfect world", not as a
prediction about the current code. So we should probably try to add some
error checking either where the patch put it, or in generate_message

> Well, as you can see in both reports, the pattern is as follows:
> The first subttest sees 1 less message than expected.
> The second sees 1 more message than expected.
> So in summary, they are generated but "notmuch new" is not run or does
> not pick them up. Though it's a Heisenbug on a specific arch, I'll try
> your suggestion and hammer our infra with it ...

Yeah, debugging by batch submission is no fun, no matter what our
grandparents tell us.  I do have interactive access to s390x
systems running Debian and Ubuntu, but the problems you report do not
occur in Debian (probably not in Ubuntu either, or I would have heard
about it, but I didn't check if e.g. Ubuntu disables the tests).

There is not (supposed to be) anything asynchronous about the process of
generating a message and indexing it. You could also try adding
--full-scan to the relevant "notmuch new" invocation. This will disable
the heuristics based on directory mtimes that notmuch uses to speed up


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