Re: Stashed session keys

Subject: Re: Stashed session keys

Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2017 23:41:28 +0100

To: Daniel Kahn Gillmor, Notmuch Mail


From: meskio

Quoting Daniel Kahn Gillmor (2017-10-25 08:51:45)
> Now that cleartext indexing is merged, let's add the ability to stash
> session keys!

Nice feature. I'm using it and it works fine. I notice some speed up, improving 
the painfulness of reading long encrypted threads in alot. And I like to don't 
be able to have around my old private keys.

I implemented some support for it in alot (using the patch I just sent adding 
notmuch_message_get_property to the python binding):

Thanks for the work.

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