[PATCH] test: add regression test for Subject with newline.

David Bremner| Thibault Polge, Jakub Wilk

2022 Sep 23 23:48

[PATCH] emacs: add global tag history

inwit| David Bremner, Carl Worth, Jose Antonio Ortega Ruiz

2022 Jan 26 15:32

[PATCH v2 2/2] test: ruby: simplify basic tests

Felipe Contreras| David Bremner

2021 May 24 02:19

[PATCH 3/3] test: ruby: simplify basic tests

Felipe Contreras| David Bremner

2021 May 01 12:04

[PATCH] build: generate cscope and etags source indexes

Yuri Volchkov| Jani Nikula, Tomi Ollila

2017 Aug 23 20:55

[PATCH] emacs: Make the shell location configurable

Robert Ewald| Tomi Ollila, David Bremner

2017 Aug 14 22:36

[PATCH 10/23] test: test parsing of malformed from addresses

David Bremner| Tomi Ollila, Daniel Kahn Gillmor

2017 Jun 03 17:47

[PATCH 2/2] NEWS: emacs notmuch buffer exit functions are modified

katsuyuki2388@gmail.com| Tomi Ollila, David Bremner, Kiso Katsuyuki

2017 Jun 03 13:00

[rfc patch v3 6/6] lib: index message files with duplicate message-ids

David Bremner

2017 Apr 04 01:47

[RFE] Call `gpg --recv-keys` asynchronously

Sebastian Schwarz| Steven Allen, David Bremner, Daniel Kahn Gillmor, Jani Nikula

2017 Feb 28 22:15

[RFC PATCH] cli/search: interpret no search terms as synonym for '*'

David Bremner

2016 Jun 29 20:34

[PATCH 2/2] completion: generate notmuch-completion.zsh using doc/conf.py

David Bremner| Tomi Ollila

2015 Jan 03 12:58

[PATCH v2 5/5] T360-symbol-hiding: Use nm instead of objdump.

Charles Celerier| Tomi Ollila, David Bremner

2014 May 06 17:02

[Patch v2 2/2] test: work around gmime bug using notmuch_reply_sanitize

David Bremner| Daniel Kahn Gillmor, Tomi Ollila, Jani Nikula, Jameson Graef Rollins

2013 Nov 11 03:15

[PATCH] debian: package ruby bindings

David Bremner| Felipe Contreras, Tomi Ollila, Carl Worth

2013 Apr 15 10:34

[PATCH 1/3] nmbug-status: simplify config file read from nmbug git

Jani Nikula| Tomi Ollila, David Bremner

2013 Apr 01 09:44

[PATCH 5/7] CLI: add --leak-report top level option

david@tethera.net| Jameson Graef Rollins, Tomi Ollila, Jani Nikula, David Bremner

2013 Jan 19 18:25

[PATCH] devel: add script to run tests on a patch series.


2012 Dec 24 13:47

[PATCH] emacs: notmuch-search: fix faces

Michal Nazarewicz| Jameson Graef Rollins, Austin Clements, Tomi Ollila

2012 Aug 23 12:59

[patch] notmuch-addresses.py fix UnicodeDecodeError

Joshua Ismael Haase Hernandez

2012 Feb 01 18:09

[PATCH 3/9] python: reorder the arguments of NotmuchError.__init__()

Justus Winter| Sebastian Spaeth

2011 Sep 26 01:05

[PATCH] interpret Xapian errors from sdterr as exceptions

pazz| Patrick Totzke, David Bremner, Sebastian Spaeth

2011 Jul 23 13:12

[PATCH 4/4] notmuch.c: use help strings generated from notmuch.pod.

david@tethera.net| David Bremner, David Edmondson, Carl Worth

2010 Nov 03 17:18