Re: Recommended method to pair Notmuch with Neovim?

Subject: Re: Recommended method to pair Notmuch with Neovim?

Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2023 02:19:25 +0000



From: James Cook

On Wed, Apr 19, 2023 at 12:47:24AM +0200, Ralph Seichter wrote:
> Jon Fineman wrote:
> > [database]
> > path=/home/jjf/Maildir
> >
> > > and is your Notmuch DB directory /full/path/to/your/Maildir/.notmuch ,
> > > i.e. nested inside your Maildir folder?
> > Yes.
> Then our respective directory paths are similar. aerc still does not
> work for me, though. I had suspected that the nested directories might
> be causing trouble for me, but that's apparently not the case.
> -Ralph

You could try tracing aerc's systems calls (e.g. ktrace on BSD, strace
on Linux) to see what file it's trying to access.

Incidentally, my current favourite notmuch client is neomutt. It
probably helps that I'm already used to it. I tried notmuch-emacs and
aerc, and they were okay, though aerc seemed a bit buggy (but that was a
while ago). I tried meli but it wasn't ready yet (maybe it is now?). I
haven't tried notmuch-vim.

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