Re: Recommended method to pair Notmuch with Neovim?

Subject: Re: Recommended method to pair Notmuch with Neovim?

Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2023 01:22:26 -0600

To: Ralph Seichter,


From: Felipe Contreras

Ralph Seichter wrote:
> * Felipe Contreras:
> > neovim aims to support most of what vim does.
> At the time of me writing this, the Neovim tracker on GitHub lists a
> whopping 1380 open issues, so I'd imagine that goal has not yet been
> reached. ;-)

I imagine many of those issues are not related to vim compatibility.

> > Did you install the "mail" gem as the installation instructions
> > recommend?
> I did indeed. The message header was sent during each of my tests, but
> not the body text.

I just installed neovim-ruby and tried to send an email with
neovim+notmuch-vim: it was sent just fine.

Note that notmuch-vim sends email using the `sendmail` command. Do you have
that properly configured?

How would you send email from the command line?

> > It sounds better to you as a user.
> >
> > Just try to program a paginated list of items in Lua and you might
> > change your mind.
> I am grateful for you investing time and effort in your plugin, and I
> don't want to talk you out of using Ruby, if that is your language of
> choice.

I have no problem using another language, since anyway I'm planning on
rewriting the whole thing.

But it has to be the right language, and right now the right language seems to
be Ruby.

I'd be happy to consider other alternatives, but at this point which are those?

> My choice would be different, but that is off topic. I'd be glad to get
> notmuch-vim working with Neovim, even if that means installing Ruby.
> Currently the log file looks like this:
> INFO  2023/04/18 07:27:20.254544 main.go:180: Starting up version 0.14.0-153-g6220711f90d7 +notmuch (go1.19.2 amd64 linux)
> DEBUG 2023/04/18 07:27:20.254639 crypto.go:36: no internal pgp keyring, using system gpg
> DEBUG 2023/04/18 07:27:20.263046 receive.go:30: Starting Unix server: /run/user/1000/aerc.sock
> DEBUG 2023/04/18 07:27:20.264202 main.go:136: Setting terminal title
> INFO  2023/04/18 07:27:20.269082 account.go:250: [Trial] connected.
> ERROR 2023/04/18 07:28:07.049184 status.go:129: Cannot perform action. Messages still loading
> DEBUG 2023/04/18 07:28:07.049322 status.go:104: Cannot perform action. Messages still loading
> aerc displays "(no folders)" and "(no messages)", on startup, so I
> thought I'd try the search function with "date:yesterday..", causing the
> "Message still loading" error. Running "notmuch search date:yesterday.."
> in a shell returns the expected results.

That's aerc, nothing to do with notmuch-vim.

Are you getting the two confused?

> > I would try in vim as well, just so you see how it's supposed to work.
> I guess I should do that. Right now, I don't know if my troubles are
> caused by me somehow screwing up the notmuch-vim configuration or by
> Neovim quirks. Speaking of my configuration:
> # Content of /home/trial/.config/aerc/accounts.conf
> [Trial]
> from = Trial User <>
> maildir-store = /home/trial/.mail
> source = notmuch:///home/trial
> outgoing = /usr/sbin/sendmail

Again: that's not notmuch-vim.


Felipe Contreras
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