Re: Recommended method to pair Notmuch with Neovim?

Subject: Re: Recommended method to pair Notmuch with Neovim?

Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2023 17:43:00 -0600

To: Ralph Seichter,


From: Felipe Contreras

Ralph Seichter wrote:
> * Felipe Contreras:
> > I just installed neovim-ruby and tried to send an email with
> > neovim+notmuch-vim: it was sent just fine.
> That's good to hear. Hopefully I am just doing something wrong, which
> would be easiest to fix (at least if I knew what that "something" was).
> Today I have compiled Vim 9 from source code; Ruby support included.
> I added the vim-plug plugin manager, installed notmuch-vim via
>   Plug 'felipec/notmuch-vim'
> et voilĂ , it works. That includes sending email. Nice. Now I have a
> basis to familiarise myself with notmuch-vim. If only I could get it to
> work with Neovim, like you did, I'd be all set.

Maybe you try to add some debugging around s:compose_send() to see what's going

> > I'd be happy to consider other alternatives, but at this point which
> > are those?
> Anything that is fast and can use libnotmuch, probably? Go comes to
> mind. Or even Zig.

I like Zig, but I'm not sure it's ready and I can't imagine how to write a vim
plugin with it.

Felipe Contreras
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