Re: Recommended method to pair Notmuch with Neovim?

Subject: Re: Recommended method to pair Notmuch with Neovim?

Date: Mon, 17 Apr 2023 15:34:40 +0200

To: Felipe Contreras, Ralph Seichter,


From: inwit

A different kind of alternative is to use aerc with nvim as an editor. Although
the notmuch interface still has some quirks, I use it daily (and I am quite
happy with it).

El 17/17/2023 a las 2:41, Felipe Contreras dejó escrito:
> Ralph Seichter wrote:
> > Based on the Notmuch documentation [1] and Internet search results,
> > Felipe Contreras' notmuch-vim plugin [2] used to be a popular method of
> > combining Notmuch with Vim (at least classic Vim). However, there have
> > not been any Git repository updates for this plugin for two years, while
> > Neovim development has been very active during that time.
> There hasn't been any development because to be frank it just works.
> It does everything I need, there's only one patch that I've added that I'm
> still not sure how to merge.
> I've also started to rewrite it from scratch because a lot of it I think can be
> done in a much simpler way, but that doesn't really affect the users, it's just
> the maintenance of the code.
> > Also, this particular plugin requires Ruby support in Vim, which I'd rather
> > avoid, if possible.
> > 
> >   [1]
> >   [2]
> > 
> > My questions are:
> > 
> > 1. Do any of you fellow mailing list members use notmuch-vim with
> >    Neovim?
> I still use vim, but I've started to move to neovim (although it still has many
> issues for me).
> I tried notmuch-vim on neovim with ruby support some time ago and it worked
> fine. I think there was some issue with slowness, but they fixed it. I don't
> really remember.
> > 2. Can you recommend an alternative Notmuch/Neovim plugin?
> > 
> > I am currently using Notmuch with Emacs, but I'd like to find a way to
> > integrate Notmuch with Neovim instead.
> > 
> > Your feedback is appreciated.
> One alternative that I considered is to rewrite notmuch-vim in lua, but that
> would probably require some libnotmuch bindings for lua, which would take
> considerable amount of time to write. And that would only work for neovim, not
> vim.
> It might be better to just keep using ruby. It's a fantastic language, there's
> already pretty good bindings for libnotmuch, and it works for both vim and
> neovim.
> I think you should just give it a try.
> Cheers.
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> Felipe Contreras
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