Re: out of memory on idle machine

Subject: Re: out of memory on idle machine

Date: Thu, 11 Feb 2021 07:32:58 -0400

To: Gregor Zattler, notmuch


From: David Bremner

David Bremner <> writes:

> Gregor Zattler <> writes:

> I don't have any /cur directories in my version. I do have a few (3 or 4) /tmp
> directories that are apparently not indexed. That's a bit mysterious,
> but nothing on the scale of what you are seeing.

Not so mysterious as it turns out. The tmp dirs in question had
filenames duplicated elsewhere in maildir (a violation of the maildir
spec), and where ignored by notmuch because they were in tmp/.  It
doesn't seem like either of these issues is relevant to your situation.

As a kind of desperation move, you could try bisecting your mailstore,
to see how small of a set of messages you can duplicate the problem

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