Re: Yet another revision of --format=pretty

Subject: Re: Yet another revision of --format=pretty

Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2021 20:19:37 -0300

To: Hannu Hartikainen,


From: David Bremner

Hannu Hartikainen <> writes:

> In my personal opinion this output format is better than `--format=text`
> both for humans and machines. I might consider deprecating `text` now,
> making `pretty` the default later, and then much later removing `text`
> altogether. But I don't know the users and if there would be politics
> involved in such a change.

The main thing I was worried about was the vim interface and Felipe
confirmed that it does not use text format at all. There are no doubt
user scripts out there that will have to be adjusted, so it would have
to be a long-ish deprecation, but we've done that before.

I guess the question for you is if the format will still be useful for
you if we need to include _some_ metadata in order to replace use cases
for text format? I'm thinking of potentially a couple of X-Notmuch-*
headers. But that in itself is another design discussion.

> As I said before, if this is a non-goal for notmuch, I can understand
> this change being unwanted. Still, I'd like some discussion on the
> matter. But maybe most readers of this list don't care either way?

I think having some quick mail pager for search results makes sense. I'm
not sure how far in the direction of MH we should go, but we can look at
each potential change as it arrives.

I'll reply with actual code review in a separate message.
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