Yet another revision of --format=pretty

Subject: Yet another revision of --format=pretty

Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2021 11:38:19 +0300



From: Hannu Hartikainen

I was hoping for more discussion about the supported formats. Alas,
there has been none. I'm still posting another revision addressing the
review comment that the color implementation should be in its own

In my personal opinion this output format is better than `--format=text`
both for humans and machines. I might consider deprecating `text` now,
making `pretty` the default later, and then much later removing `text`
altogether. But I don't know the users and if there would be politics
involved in such a change.

As I said before, if this is a non-goal for notmuch, I can understand
this change being unwanted. Still, I'd like some discussion on the
matter. But maybe most readers of this list don't care either way?


PS. I was smarter this time and didn't make this patch a reply to the
earlier ones. Hopefully I got the References: header right.

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