Protected headers in notmuch

Subject: Protected headers in notmuch

Date: Fri, 11 May 2018 01:55:24 -0400

To: Notmuch Mail


From: Daniel Kahn Gillmor

Traditionally, encrypted and signed e-mail covers only the body of the
message.  New standards are emerging that are capable of protecting
the headers as well.  In particular, Enigmail and an upcoming version
of K-9 mail both use the "Memory Hole" approach to encrypt the
Subject: header when sending encrypted mail.  It is awkward to receive
encrypted messages from those clients with notmuch, because all
notmuch sees is "Subject: Encrypted Message"

This series solves that problem specifically: it enables viewing (and
indexing and searching, if desired) of the cleartext of the encrypted
Subject:.  It also lays sensible groundwork for handling other
protected headers in the future.

For a discussion of protected headers and the various challenges and
opportunities they present, see my writeup here:

What this series does *not* do (yet) is emit any protected headers
from notmuch itself.  I think the series can be applied without that,
because just consuming the protected headers and being able to work
with them is a win on its own terms.  The series is also careful not
to accidentally leak cleartext headers (e.g. in reply), so it should
be safe to adopt even if we don't immediately become capable of
emitting protected headers.

If we can land this series, i think the next steps along this
direction include:

 * emitting a protected Subject: line when sending mail via

 * restructuring messages that had protected headers so that any weird
   internal structure isn't clumsily visible (either the
   "force-display" part of a Memory Hole-structured message, or the
   wrapped message/rfc822 part encouraged by Melnikov's draft could be

 * dealing with other protected headers

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