Re: [PATCH] VIM: Improve moving between messages in a thread

Subject: Re: [PATCH] VIM: Improve moving between messages in a thread

Date: Sun, 19 Oct 2014 12:51:36 +0300

To: Franz Fellner, Ian Main, Ian Main


From: Tomi Ollila

On Sat, Oct 18 2014, Franz Fellner <> wrote:

> Ian Main wrote:
>> Franz Fellner wrote:
>> > Patch works fine for me. It also would be nice to have a "move to next
>> > unread message" function.
>> > Most beautiful would be a treeview of the thread structure. Currently
>> > threads are rendered as plain list, so you can't immediately see and
>> > jump to the quoted mail. Bower IMHO uses the best approach here. I tried
>> > emacs treeview but did not really like it (partly because I failed badly
>> > to implement a solution that shows treeview by default). Indent the
>> > whole large Message view IMHO also is not a good (at least to me)
>> > solution.
>> Yeah I agree.  This is a start anyway.  As I use the vim client more my
>> plan is to just keep fixing things that get in my way.
> Great :)
> Just a LGTM to get this pushed.

What was this 'vim_puts missed' comment in this thread -- I did not see any
followup patch that referred to it -- any potential reviewer may wonder the

> Franz