Re: Reply inline in notmuch-show buffer, "mu4e-conversation style"

Subject: Re: Reply inline in notmuch-show buffer, "mu4e-conversation style"

Date: Wed, 10 Apr 2019 15:19:06 +0100

To: Pierre Neidhardt,


From: David Edmondson

On Wednesday, 2019-04-10 at 15:27:14 +02, Pierre Neidhardt wrote:

> David Edmondson <> writes:
>> Yes. My argument was not that we shouldn't have this, just that I wonder
>> if it results in a good workflow for people who are not using
>> notmuch/mu4e/gmail (or any other client that shares the same kind of
>> thread view).
> With about 1 year of experience using mu4e-conversation, I found that it
> works really well, actually better in most cases since it does not
> "pollute" emails with forgotten citations.

Encouraging people to trim their replies is an ongoing burden, I agree.

> Most people use Gmail or clients that support threading, in which case
> this is really a good fit.

90% of my email is via my employer. There is no Gmail there, and most
people are not using a threaded mailer. In general they are used to
inter-mingling their comments in replies rather than top-posting or not
quoting (but this is definitely changing over time, with top-posting
becoming more common).

> But really if we think about the workflow of "most people", then most of
> the time citations are ignored (e.g. top-posting) and just pollute the
> rest of the emails.  In those cases (the majority?) a non-threaded
> workflow does not really work I think.

I've no problem with their being more options.

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