Re: Reply inline in notmuch-show buffer, "mu4e-conversation style"

Subject: Re: Reply inline in notmuch-show buffer, "mu4e-conversation style"

Date: Wed, 10 Apr 2019 15:27:14 +0200

To: David Edmondson,


From: Pierre Neidhardt

David Edmondson <> writes:

> Yes. My argument was not that we shouldn't have this, just that I wonder
> if it results in a good workflow for people who are not using
> notmuch/mu4e/gmail (or any other client that shares the same kind of
> thread view).

With about 1 year of experience using mu4e-conversation, I found that it
works really well, actually better in most cases since it does not
"pollute" emails with forgotten citations.

Most people use Gmail or clients that support threading, in which case this is
really a good fit.

But really if we think about the workflow of "most people", then most of
the time citations are ignored (e.g. top-posting) and just pollute the
rest of the emails.  In those cases (the majority?) a non-threaded
workflow does not really work I think.

Pierre Neidhardt
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