Reply inline in notmuch-show buffer, "mu4e-conversation style"

Subject: Reply inline in notmuch-show buffer, "mu4e-conversation style"

Date: Tue, 19 Mar 2019 11:46:40 +0100



From: Pierre Neidhardt


mu4e-conversation ( has a
very nice feature in my opinion: it allows you to compose a reply at the
end of the buffer, in a dedicated "composition area".

- Pressing C-c C-c sends the message (it won't if the message is empty
  or white space).

- Pressing "RET" appends the region to the composition area.  This
  makes it very convenient to *quote/cite from different messages*.
  With a prefix argument, it prepends a citation line (e.g. "John doe wrote...").
  This is similar to how messengers like Whatsapp work.
  This is the real killer-feature of mu4e-conversation in my opinion.

What to you people think of adding such a feature to notmuch-show?

Pierre Neidhardt
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