Re: [Patch v2 0/2] emacs: show: mark messages read if seen in buffer

Subject: Re: [Patch v2 0/2] emacs: show: mark messages read if seen in buffer

Date: Mon, 08 Sep 2014 10:19:50 +0100

To: Mark Walters,


From: David Edmondson

I like the general approach.

On Sat, Sep 06 2014, Mark Walters wrote:
> There are two changes from v1. First patch 1 is new. Secondly I have
> modified the defcustom for the second patch. It is slightly fiddly as
> my function has a parameter the default function does not. The
> defcustom in the previous patch worked but it was unable to parse
> itself so when you revisited the defcustom it looked like you had
> specified the lisp manually rather than having selected one of the two
> options.

Is this because you want to include the parameter at the same point in
the custom definition? It's not uncommon to have a separate variable for
(things like) the proportion. It would make the declaration much simpler.

> I like this version of the mark read function; but it is quite a lot
> of code (all unused unless the user selects this option so it is low
> risk). If people would prefer not to include it then I can just post
> the relevant code to the wiki and people can add it to their .emacs
> file if they want this function.

If it's not the default, then I would be in favour of including it.