Re: Spacemacs, anyone?

Subject: Re: Spacemacs, anyone?

Date: Fri, 04 Feb 2022 13:21:45 +0100

To: Brian May,


From: inwit

On Fri Feb 4, 2022 at 11:58 AM CET, Brian May wrote:
> I am doing that.
Oh, nice! Company at last! :) 

> Caveats:
> * I use notmuch from the elpa-notmuch package.
Yeah, I had to overwrite it yesterday in order to try the last patch by
David Bremner. Not very practical if you want to keep up with
notmuch's development.

> * Need to use the develop branch of spacemacs.
That I do too. 

>   I am a bit confused why the notmuch layer has never reached the main
>   branch, but maybe I don't really understand the release process.
+1. Apparently there's an alternative layer [0], but I haven't tried it.

> IIRC there are some minor things that don't work so well, but I can't
> think of what they are right now. Possibly a figment of my imagination.
Have you ever tried to use the auto-completion layer? I'm having trouble
with it [1].

I also have trouble with frames that close when they shouldn't [1].

Would you be interested in contributing to notmuch layer? I see several
minor improvements that could serve others...


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