Re: Spacemacs, anyone?

Subject: Re: Spacemacs, anyone?

Date: Fri, 04 Feb 2022 21:58:52 +1100

To: inwit,


From: Brian May

"inwit" <> writes:

> Is anyone using notmuch within spacemacs? There's a fairly unmantained
> "layer" for this, and i'm inclined to give it a spin. It'd be nice if we
> could share our experiences.
> Yeah, I know, I should start building my own emacs config sometime soon. ;)

I am doing that. Caveats:

* I use notmuch from the elpa-notmuch package.

* Need to use the develop branch of spacemacs.

  Otherwise it gets upset when it sees the system version of notmuch and
  tries to remove it. Which it can't, so it complains.

  I am a bit confused why the notmuch layer has never reached the main
  branch, but maybe I don't really understand the release process.

IIRC there are some minor things that don't work so well, but I can't
think of what they are right now. Possibly a figment of my imagination.
Brian May <>
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