Re: Spacemacs, anyone?

Subject: Re: Spacemacs, anyone?

Date: Sat, 05 Feb 2022 08:47:39 +1100

To: inwit,


From: Brian May

"inwit" <> writes:

>> IIRC there are some minor things that don't work so well, but I can't
>> think of what they are right now. Possibly a figment of my imagination.
> Have you ever tried to use the auto-completion layer? I'm having trouble
> with it [1].

Autocompletion on my system is broken due to "my fault". I set it up to
use "goobook-wrapper", and over the years that wrapper has stopped

Need to fix this. I prefer to have some sort of local database rather
then relying on Google. I am liking Google less and less lately. But
haven't worked out how to do this yet. Ideally I would initially copy
this from Google.

I suspect it would work otherwise.

> I also have trouble with frames that close when they shouldn't [1].

Not seen this myself. Although I did have problems like this when I
switched to the main branch of spacemacs. View a list, view an email,
and push 'q' to get back to the list to find I have completely closed
out of notmuch. Switching back to the develop branch fixed this.

> Would you be interested in contributing to notmuch layer? I see several
> minor improvements that could serve others...

Not great with LISP myself.

Just remembered - the one key issue I have always had with spacemacs
(and possibly emacs too) - and is very annoying, is if I click on a link
in an email, and have the link load in Firefox, then there is a
relatively high chance that the pull down menus in Firefox will stop
working. As in I click a menu and nothing happens. I have to completely
restart Firefox to fix.

This has been happening for years now. For numerous versions of Debian
(and I think others) and for numerous versions of Firefox.

It does not happen if I load a link in Firefox from any other program.
It does not happen if I load a link in Firefox using the Firefox CLI. It
does not happen for other browsers such as Chrome. If I reset my profile
in Firefox to default without any plugins it continues to happen.

I have tried to debug how emacs is opening a Firefox tab, and get
totally lost.

I end up having to resort to hacks such as opening in Chrome first, or
copying and pasting the link from notmuch (which often requires several
attempts for reasons I don't understand as instead of one link that I
marked I somehow get the entire document).

I have reported this in various forums, but nobody has been able to
Brian May <>
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