Re: [PATCH v4] emacs: customizable names for search buffers

Subject:Re: [PATCH v4] emacs: customizable names for search buffers

Date:Sun, 16 Jan 2022 23:51:04 +0000

To:Kyle Meyer

From:Jose A Ortega Ruiz

On Sun, Jan 16 2022, Kyle Meyer wrote:


> Here's the last statement about the minimum Emacs version I see in
> Notmuch's NEWS (for v0.31):
>   The minimum supported major version of GNU Emacs is now 25.1.
> The example in my last message used 25.3 because that's the closest
> version to 25.1 for which I had a local working tree checked out and
> built.  But, as I mentioned, format-spec has been present since Emacs
> 21.1.

Thanks for checking.  v6 of the patch submitted.

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