Re: Create tags from folders

Subject: Re: Create tags from folders

Date: Mon, 08 Aug 2022 20:50:45 +0200

To: Notmuch mailinglist


From: Thomas Schneider


Notmuch mailinglist <> writes:

> My email is from Protonmail and I use sieve filters to organise my mail as needed into folders.
> Mbsync creates a folder structure which mirrors what is on my proton mail account.
> But is it possible for notmuch to create tags based on the folders within my mail directory and tagging the mails..

I have a very similar setup, and used to have custom filters for afew,
but eventually replaced it with a much simpler standalone script.  It’s
available online at [0].

For some junk residing in my dotfiles, it’s surprisingly well
documented, but if you don’t understand something just hmu.

I should probably rewrite it to the new python bindings … later …


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