Re: Create tags from folders

Subject: Re: Create tags from folders

Date: Mon, 08 Aug 2022 22:39:36 -0300

To: Reto, Tomi Ollila

Cc: Notmuch mailinglist,

From: David Bremner

Reto <> writes:

> Second, I let notmuch index multiple email addresses in the same store,
> meaning my folder queries are then nested rather deep.
> So my lovely tag:python query amounts to `notmuch search ''`
> Which... is a mouthful.
> Regexes aren't a solution, just makes it now two problems as I have
> multiple python lists that could match ;)

Just in case you didn't know, another option is define (with notmuch
config) e.g. query:python as

This has the advantage that you don't have to retag when new files are
added, which is often the desired behaviour.

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