Re: [PATCH v2] nmbug: write tags out to a temporary file, not 'nmbug.index'

Subject: Re: [PATCH v2] nmbug: write tags out to a temporary file, not 'nmbug.index'

Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2022 20:08:55 +0200

To: Sean Whitton,


From: Tomi Ollila

On Sun, Feb 13 2022, Sean Whitton wrote:

> Hello,
> On Sun 13 Feb 2022 at 09:54am -07, Sean Whitton wrote:
>> If more than nmbug process is running at once, then each will try to
>> read and write the same file.  The particular failure I've seen is
>> that the process which finishes first deletes nmbug.index, and then
>> the other process dies with a FileNotFoundError.  So use a distinct
>> temporary file per process.
>> ---
>>  devel/nmbug/nmbug | 44 ++++++++++++++++++++++----------------------
>>  1 file changed, 22 insertions(+), 22 deletions(-)
>> Here is a second attempt, though I'm afraid I have little idea whether it is
>> idiomatic Python.
> It would seem this causes 'nmbug status' to output just one result.
> I'll leave the fix to someone with more Python experience.  Sorry for
> the improperly tested v2 patch.

One option would be using the first patch, but instead of mkstemp(),
NamedTemporaryFile(dir=NMBGIT, prefix="nmbug.index") to be used instead
(and then and in place of path and index...)


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> Sean Whitton
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