Re: tell me how to do this (mass tagging of messages)

Subject: Re: tell me how to do this (mass tagging of messages)

Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2018 13:39:10 +0200

To: David Edmondson,


From: Jeff Templon


David Edmondson <> writes:

> On Wednesday, 2018-10-17 at 10:06:18 +02, Jeff Templon wrote:

>> So how do I make sure that I'm operating on the messages themselves
>> (only one of the 14 messages is marked 'spam') and not the threads?

> In this context, does it matter? If you remove 'spam' from the entire
> thread it will affect only that one message, as it's the only one with
> the tag.

Right.  Poor example.  I guess the better question is, in a screen full
of threads matching a particular query, how do I do a mass action on
only those messages that match the query and not on the threads?

I had the problem before when I was learning notmuch.  I went to the
inbox, and saw a new message that was a contribution to a thread of
several messages (none of the other ones was tagged 'inbox').  The new
'inbox tagged' message of that thread was not important, so I did a 'k
d' on what I now know to be the thread, thinking it would only apply to
that one message that was actually in the inbox ...

I tried to find an option "turn off related messages in search results"
but could not find it.

> On the button for a part you can hit “. ?” to see the various
> keybindings available there, including opening the part, saving to a
> file, etc.

Thanks to you and to Gregor for this.

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