tell me how to do this (mass tagging of messages)

Subject: tell me how to do this (mass tagging of messages)

Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2018 10:06:18 +0200



From: Jeff Templon


So I do a search like this in notmuch emacs:


and what comes up is something like this ...

  2013-07-27 [1/1]   ASN Bank             SURF***SPAM***6.8 ASN Bank: Belangrijke update mededeling (lists lists/grid spam)
  2013-07-27 [1/1]   Overdracht van geld  SURF***SPAM***5.7 Uw account is geactiveerd. (spam)
  2013-07-26 [1/1]   Full Name            SURF***SPAM***6.2 Need (spam)
  2013-07-16 [1/14]  Carlos Zorraquino... SURF***SPAM***6.2 Re: CHEP2013 Proceedings: invitation to submit a full paper for your contribution (spam)
  2013-07-15 [1/1]   Rabo Bank            SURF***SPAM***5.8 2013 Rabo Bank Algemene voorwaarden en informatie (spam)

I take a look and decide I want to delete a bunch of messages, but take
a look at the fourth in the list - this is one where the SURF spam
filter has decided that one of the messages in the thread is spam, but
the entire thread has shown up here.  If I take bulk action on such a
buffer, I've seen before that most commands work on the threads and not
the messages themselves, like the 'k' command.

So how do I make sure that I'm operating on the messages themselves
(only one of the 14 messages is marked 'spam') and not the threads?

Thanks.  BTW I like notmuch pretty much.


ps while I'm at it - inline display of attachments or in any case firing
up an external viewer?  I only know about hitting return on the
attachment link and having it saved to a file.

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