Re: avoid double typedef

Subject: Re: avoid double typedef

Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2017 09:22:07 +0300

To: Daniel Kahn Gillmor, Notmuch Mail


From: Tomi Ollila

On Tue, Oct 10 2017, Daniel Kahn Gillmor wrote:

> On IRC, Domo pointed out that older gcc complains when a typedef gets
> repeated.  So i'm updating patch 8 in this series to avoid double
> typedefs.  The rest of the series should be unchanged, so i'm avoiding
> re-flooding the lst with them, but i'm happy to send along a full
> round of v4 if folks would prefer that.

This version fixed the (c99 related ;) gcc compilation error on that
particular test system (actually this system where this email is sent).

The me the series looks good (based on ~30 min code look-through session)
and the tests pass (as good as w/o these changes).


> the "cleartext-index" branch of has
> been updated to include this fix, and is now at
> 9be9d7a6bf083968458ad2cecf4af7f0d99f1cb3
> Regards,
>         --dkg
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