tell me how to do this right (mail sent to lists)

Subject: tell me how to do this right (mail sent to lists)

Date: Tue, 09 Oct 2018 17:02:05 +0200



From: Jeff Templon


The use case: I send a message to a mailing list of which I am a member.

I can see via another imap client (in this case MailMate / OS X) that
there are two messages in imap, both with the same messageid.  One
example right now (printing the Subject header below):

in my sent mail folder:

[Physics@Veldhoven] Inschrijving/Registration Physics@Veldhoven 2019 deadline 9 November 2019

and in my inbox:

[pdp] [Physics@Veldhoven] Inschrijving/Registration Physics@Veldhoven 2019: deadline 9 November 2019

However, in notmuch-emacs, I only see the first one.  My guess is that
notmuch has first seen the one in "sent", indexed that, and then seeing
the second one with the same messageId, skips it.  I'd prefer to have
both, but if I have to pick one or the other, I'd actually prefer to
have the second one, as I'd then have

[ pdp ]

as the start of the subject header for ALL mails to that list, and as an
added bonus, afew (should?) then tag them with the list name making them
easily searchable.

So how does one do this "right"?


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