Re: tell me how to do this right (mail sent to lists)

Subject: Re: tell me how to do this right (mail sent to lists)

Date: Tue, 09 Oct 2018 15:02:59 -0700

To: Jeff Templon, Daniel Kahn Gillmor


From: Carl Worth

On Tue, Oct 09 2018, Jeff Templon wrote:
> So here’s the deal : I am tagging with afew, it has a special mailing
> list filter, which does the right thing - it tags the copy that was
> delivered from the mailing list with the list name.

I think you may be mistaken about the above details.

If the two messages have the same message ID, then as far as notmuch is
concerned that is just a single message, (that happens to be backed by
multiple files).

> However (and maybe this is just the Emacs interface?) when I view the
> message in notmuch-emacs, it only shows one of them, and this seems to
> be (always?  at least usually) the copy that is Fcc’d to my sent
> folder and tagged only with “sent” because it doesn’t have a list-id
> yet.

It is true that if a single message is backed by multiple files, the
notmuch-emacs interface will only display one of them. But even if you
changed which one it chooses (which would require some new code as far
as I know) shouldn't change what tags you are seeing.

> So I’m still looking for how to do this “right”.  I must not be the
> only one that sends mails to mailing lists?

You're certainly not the only one. Hopefully, what you really want
doesn't require the ability to maintain separate tags for these two
very-similar messages, (since notmuch cannot do that currently).

I guess the question I have is: What has given you the idea that afew is
tagging one message but not the other?


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