Subject: Folder+tags

Date: Wed, 23 Dec 2020 12:53:14 +0100



From: inwit


This is my first message so I'll start by congratulating all the
community around notmuch. Great piece of work you have here!

I guess that my question must have been surely asked before, but I can't
seem to find it in the lists' archive. My excuses if it is the case that
my search abilities have failed. It has happened before.

So, what I'm trying is to have a notmuch system up and running while
preserving my folder structure fully functional in the IMAP server. I
know that most of you will agree that folders are a thing from the past,
but the fact is that, in the past, I've devoted quite a lot of time to
sort my mails, and now I have a 3-level subfolder structure which is
hard-wired in my brain, so up to now sometimes I'm still keen to
searching messages in their expected folders. I guess it's a matter of
time until I abandon this scheme and dive fully into tag based email,
but for the time being I'm afraid of losing that folder structure for

Anyway, I've been reading all around the web about this, and the closest
I got is using the aerc client, where I can configure a Maildir worker
and a notmuch worker, being able to use the former for reading and
classifying mail into folders and the later for tag-based searching.
This works, but at the same time, no matter how exciting the development
of aerc is (and it is a beautiful little piece of code), it is still
very far from emacs mail-mode.

What I would like to, then, is to use notmuch-el to read and classify my
mail. And the functionality I'm missing at the moment is a way to move
an email from the inbox to its corresponding folder, hopefully updating
its folder tags at the same time. That is: I would (mb)sync my mail from
my company's IMAP server to my Maildir folder structure, then I'd go to
the Inbox tag/folder, I'd read my mail and then, by hitting Shift+m, for
example, I'd be able to move that precise email, both in files and tags,
to its corresponding Maildir folder, so my next call to mbsync actually
moves the message in the IMAP server folders as well.  Does that make
sense?  Does anyone know how would I get to something like that?

Again, sorry if this is redundant, and congratulations on the good work.

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