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Subject: Re: Folder+tags

Date: Thu, 24 Dec 2020 14:59:08 +0100

To: inwit,


From: Alan Schmitt

On 2020-12-23 12:53, "inwit" <> writes:

> What I would like to, then, is to use notmuch-el to read and classify my
> mail. And the functionality I'm missing at the moment is a way to move
> an email from the inbox to its corresponding folder, hopefully updating
> its folder tags at the same time. That is: I would (mb)sync my mail from
> my company's IMAP server to my Maildir folder structure, then I'd go to
> the Inbox tag/folder, I'd read my mail and then, by hitting Shift+m, for
> example, I'd be able to move that precise email, both in files and tags,
> to its corresponding Maildir folder, so my next call to mbsync actually
> moves the message in the IMAP server folders as well.  Does that make
> sense?  Does anyone know how would I get to something like that?

To move mail I use afew in move mode
( I use it to move
deleted messages to the trash, and old email to an archive folder. I
guess it could work in your case.


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