Re: Bug: Emacs notmuch display

Subject: Re: Bug: Emacs notmuch display

Date: Wed, 22 Sep 2021 19:23:39 -0300

To: Jeff Elliott,


From: David Bremner

Jeff Elliott <> writes:

> [Wed Sep 22 15:49:36 2021]
> A caller requested output format version 5, but the installed notmuch
> CLI only supports up to format version 4.  You may need to upgrade your
> notmuch CLI.
> When I try to upgrade my notmuch from the Solus package manager, I get
> that it is already updated.

Yep, this is exactly the problem mentioned in the README on melpa (which
I'm guessing is where you installed notmuch from). You need to use a
version of the notmuch CLI that is as new as as your version of
notmuch-emacs, or an older version of notmuch-emacs. Normally I would
recommend using the notmuch-emacs package from your distro, but I
couldn't figure out if it exists in solus.

If you have the appropriate version of the source, then "make elpa" will
create package you can install in emacs

    M-x package-install-file <return>
    notmuch-0.31.4.tar <return>

should work. If you're stuck, I can make such an elpa package for you.
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