Re: Bug: Emacs notmuch display

Subject: Re: Bug: Emacs notmuch display

Date: Wed, 22 Sep 2021 21:45:33 -0300



From: David Bremner

David Bremner <> writes:

> writes:
>> Thanks. I guess I'm still stuck.  I downloaded version 31.4 from:
>> But when I select "notmuch-0.31.4.tar" for the package-install-file, I  
>> get an error:
>>  Wrong type argument: stringp, nil
> It's a bit confusing, but there is the source tarball notmuch-0.31.tar.xz, that you
> downloaded, and the output from "make elpa", which is called
> notmuch-0.31.4.tar. I'll send you copy of the latter off list.

Even more confusing when I mess up the name. The output from "make elpa"
is actually notmuch-emacs-0.31.4.tar
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