Re: public-inbox, nmbug or Debbugs and notmuch sync?

Subject: Re: public-inbox, nmbug or Debbugs and notmuch sync?

Date: Mon, 09 May 2022 12:15:48 -0300

To: zimoun,


From: David Bremner

zimoun <> writes:

> Currently, I synchronize my various Notmuch database using ’muchsync’
> [1] which works well enough for my needs.  Although I am not completely
> satisfied.
> Well, I have read this thread, starting at [2]:
>         WIP: promote nmbug to user sync tool
> somehow promoting the subcommand “notmuch git”.
> All in all, my questions are:
>  1. Is it possible to index the Git repo as public-inbox?  From this
>  thread id:608c9185115fd_251d208e0@natae.notmuch [3], I guess no, right?
>  Is it planned?  Or any interest?

If I understand your question correctly, the answer is no, and at least
I have no plans for something like that. An nmbug / notmuch-git repo
only contains metadata, not the actual messages. 

>  2. Notmuch is strongly linked to the Maildir format as storage but Git
>  seems an efficient way to exchange and sync across several machines; for
>  instance using the tool grokmirror [4].  Does it make sense to have
>  another backend for Notmuch than Maildir?

I don't know grokmirror, it looks like a layer on top of git. You
can commit maildir to git if you like, notmuch doesn't really care.
As far as having a backend that is not just mail files on disk, that
seems unlikely, but I guess you never know.

>  3. Debian or GNU use instances of Debbugs.  Tools as ’mailscripts’ [5]
>  using ’bts’ CLI [6] are great.  Personally, I prefer the Emacs packages
>  ’piem’ [7] and ’debbugs’ [8].  Well, the point is to be able to inject
>  the bug report to my local inboxes – for reading offline or for
>  tagging.  How could I bridge the Debbugs meta info with a local ’nmbug’?

You can use notmuch-slurp-debbug (from mailscripts) to get the mail
messages. I haven't thought about synchronizing metadata with
debbugs. In principle I guess it should be possible.

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