Re: public-inbox, nmbug or Debbugs and notmuch sync?

Subject: Re: public-inbox, nmbug or Debbugs and notmuch sync?

Date: Mon, 09 May 2022 16:07:06 -0300

To: zimoun,


From: David Bremner

zimoun <> writes:

> Somehow, I would like to have a bridge: keep Emacs+Notmuch but index
> emails with another format (backend) than maildir as
> public-inbox-v2-format.  It would avoid data duplication and/or
> conversion.
> 1: <>

I talked to the public-inbox author at some point about using notmuch,
but perl bindings were a hard requirement for that. I don't know of and
other interest in perl bindings, and especially no volunteers to
maintain them, so that idea kind of stalled.

>>>  3. Debian or GNU use instances of Debbugs.  Tools as ’mailscripts’ [5]
>>>  using ’bts’ CLI [6] are great.  Personally, I prefer the Emacs packages
>>>  ’piem’ [7] and ’debbugs’ [8].  Well, the point is to be able to inject
>>>  the bug report to my local inboxes – for reading offline or for
>>>  tagging.  How could I bridge the Debbugs meta info with a local ’nmbug’?
>> You can use notmuch-slurp-debbug (from mailscripts) to get the mail
>> messages. I haven't thought about synchronizing metadata with
>> debbugs. In principle I guess it should be possible.

> Somehow, if ’nmbug’ would be able to extract the meta info from Debbugs,
> roughly speaking a map between Message-ID and status, and this map would
> be stored as Notmuch tags.  Then, using “notmuch git” would allow an
> easy way for synchronizing my local copy of the bugs mailing lists with
> the current state of Debbugs.  Bah, I do not know. ;-)

At the moment I am focussed on getting notmuch-git to perform a simpler
task well enough to ship as part of notmuch.
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